8 Week Popping & Locking Video Series


This product includes a package of 8 videos that will be sent to you by email through a private link upon completion of purchase. Each video is between 25-30 minutes in length and will cover all of our Popping & Locking curriculum in depth. You will be able to stop, rewind, and re-watch each these videos at your own discretion. The 8 videos will be available for 8 weeks from purchase date. Have fun!

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This class will focus on fundamental popping techniques such as the: Pop and Hit, Grooves, Dime-stops, Sway, and Isolations. As well as exploring and introducing different dance styles such as: Boogaloo, Waving, and more. This class will also include Locking fundamentals that include: Party Dances, Grooves, The Lock, Wrist Rolls and more.

All of these movements will be put to a routine that students will learn and build upon with each weekly video!


There is no prerequisite, no age restriction or previous experience required for this class.
Instructor: Joseph “Godsent” James


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